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He never gets angry with George, no matter what George does. It is unclear what his occupation is, but in Curious George and the Invisible Sound he has been asked to survey animals around the country house, and in The Fully Automatic Monkey Fun Hat , Dr. Wiseman has asked him to give a speech about the scientific method . Which may imply that he has the same occupation he held in the 2006 film.

The F125s are unique to say the least. They include a number of fresh technologies, such as a hybrid diesel-electric drive and power system based on a number of smaller diesel generators that drive electric motors. The ship's primary sensor is the very capable multi-role Cassidian TRS-4D/NR multiple AESA array radar system. The ship also features an advanced command and control and communications installation based around an open architecture concept. A 360 degree infrared surveillance and situational awareness system is also installed above the ship's bridge. The list of supposed innovations and attempts at automation featured on these ships goes on and on.

Parents and caregivers don’t have to “make” their children curious or “push” their children to learn. In fact, research shows that it is a child’s internal desire to learn (their curiosity), not external pressure, that motivates him to seek out new experiences and leads to greater success in school over the long term.

Reckless - CuriousReckless - CuriousReckless - CuriousReckless - Curious