Abuela coca - abuela coca re+terizado

The food was good the service was bad. Not sure maybe it was a bad day to go but the first waiter seemed bad nothing we could do to get him to smile. Then they changed waiters and the new guy forgot to take our order. We waited 30 minutes until I decided to flag one down.
I would try it one more time hoping that maybe it was just a bad day. Oh and I soon as we walked in it seems like your walking into the Kitchen (I was expecting to see that based on previous reviews. I saw a tostada on the floor next to the tub of tostadas they serve with Salsa.

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Pressed Cuban sandwich, Ybor City style. Sour orange marinated pork loin, Genoa salami, ham, provolone and Swiss cheese. Yellow mustard-pickle relish.

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A seasonal selection of the brightest fruits, herbs and/or spices, soaked in Velho Barreiro Cachaça, guarapo, fresh lime juice, sugar, muddled limes

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Abuela Coca - Abuela Coca Re+terizadoAbuela Coca - Abuela Coca Re+terizadoAbuela Coca - Abuela Coca Re+terizadoAbuela Coca - Abuela Coca Re+terizado