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Note to readers: Be advised that this article contains an explicit discussion of aberrant sexual acts. 1. Serious Errors in Marital Sexual Ethics

I bought this on the strength of this review, and frankly I'm not impressed by either the product or the review.
Every single track has that distorted 'boing' Kick.
And Storm warning has an actual radio storm warning on it.
Its a 6th form attempt, forget past victories...
Buy LFO 'Advance' and be happy.

Having re-read that post, I noticed that I made too much of a dichotomy between what a treatise can say and what other sources can say. Obviously it’s not the case that everyone is just fake when they write some kind of official document. My point was that those sources shouldn’t be given some kind of “primary” status through which other sources are relegated to insignificance. They should be read together, especially since it’s a lot easier to speak piously than to act piously.

Is there not a universal consensus among the Church Fathers in support of the death penalty? How can Pope Francis contradict the universal consensus of the Church Fathers?

Most priests, bishops, cardinals, and popes are good men dedicated to the service of God. But they are subject to error, bias, and vanity like everyone else. Sycophancy is an ever present danger. The Peter Principle that states that people tend to be promoted one level beyond their level of competence clearly applies at times to members of the Church hierarchy. Over recent years, we have seen sound judgment too often impaired by cowardice that masquerades as prudence and by capitulation to the zeitgeist that camouflages itself as pastoral concern.

Returning to the assent the faithful are to show to this highest level of teaching, we note that what Vatican I called “divine and Catholic faith,” was labeled “theological faith” by DV . The tight wording of this Instruction prevents any false distinction between the theological virtue and that “divine and Catholic faith” of Dei Filius . The Instruction assigns the same assent to both of the modes of magisterial teaching we have just outlined:

After installing Fast Image Blocker, click on the camera icon and remove every single site already put into the “exceptions list”. Press the X icon in order to remove a website from the list. There are a lot of websites put into this list as exceptions as you will see after having installed the program (not a smart move, since it makes people think the program doesn’t work!).

Adam X - IrreformableAdam X - IrreformableAdam X - IrreformableAdam X - Irreformable